file_get_contents and Godaddy and more problems. I was trying to use file_get_contents in PHP to access an HTTPS server. It worked fine for HTTP servers, but once I tried using it ot access an HTTPS server…everything went to …..

After a bunch of research, I finally found the answer on godaddy’s website. It works, but its a pain. I wonder why everyone likes to make things more complicated then they are? Most likely a security feature.

In case you are board, here are a bunch of links I went to trying to figure out what the problems was.

And it goes on. I needed to get a file in a downloadable form from my website without ever actually existing. Using PHP I managed this trick by following the following webpage’s suggestion.

It took me a while to get everything the way I wanted it to…but it works like gold! Anyways, if you are bored….here are a bunch more of the random links for some sort of random entertaining purpose.$8979